05 Jun 14 at 10 am
tags: 49 palms 

sleep alone, start all over…

10 Jan 14 at 6 pm

our canvas was free

08 Dec 13 at 5 pm

you are my favourite part of everyday

I’ve learned to smile, without a bearing

I’m definitely shaking
The silence isn’t breaking
Back washed and stranded memories
Of something I thought could be

01 Jul 13 at 6 pm

Benjamin Gibbard, You Can Do Better Than Me

tags: Benjamin  Gibbard  Narrow  Stairs 

"No one could ever look at me like you do, like I’m something worth holding on to"

driving all alone to make sure that you know.
I’ve been running scared without you.
I drove all night to tell you.
In dreams I’ve seen your face with
another in my place.
I know it was another life but I never could forget you.
I never could forget you.

we all need a helping hand.
maybe someone who could drag me up out of my dirty dreams,
pick me up and dust me off so i might spread some relief

02 Apr 13 at 9 pm
tags: QUT  Industrial  Design 

Every time I ponder on the thought of how I actually got into the degree I’m in, and how lucky I am - I almost fall over. Studying Industrial Design over the last year has been the most influential and inspiring part of my life so far; I have the ability to really change things in society and our world, to benefit others and change perceptions. I’m constantly surrounded by brilliant, inspiring minds - and I’m so grateful, every single day.

I honestly can’t escape the notion that Airports are a place that mean a lot to me; primarily because I visit them at different times in my life and I always feel so refreshed and excited. Even when I’m not going anywhere, whether I’m picking up a friend or saying goodbye to one - they represent change. I always feel like I’m part of something bigger there.

31 Mar 13 at 8 pm

finding out fast that I’m sinking in sand

I laugh out loud when nothing’s funny at all

23 Feb 13 at 7 pm

So this blog hasn’t been a place where I’d openly confess or express thoughts, and I feel like changing that. For myself, of course. I feel good about today; I’m focusing on things that make me happy and that’s all that matters.


14 Feb 13 at 7 pm

All my silver dreams bring me to you